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H&L Calf Feeding Systems

Modern feeding technology is at the basis of animal-friendly calf rearing. Many diarrhoeal diseases are caused by feeding the calves the wrong diet. Furthermore, the workload is highest in most agriculture operations early in the morning and in the evening. Automation of calf feeding can mean a substantially reduced workload in this case.

All calf farmers go for rearing calves as effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible. Targeted investment decisions help you cut feed cost, lower the number of calves lost, and optimise work efficiency.
Holm & Laue has the optimum solution for any type of operation.

  • Where calves are kept in groups, the H&L 100 Calf Feeder offers optimum conditions for animal-friendly and individual feeding of every single calf. Of course, we make a point of high standards of sanitation and hygiene.
  • Where a rather large number of calves are to be fed in individual hutches or igloos, this means strenuous work in most cases and requires much time at any rate. The H&L Milk Taxi is a great tool in these conditions, for preparation, transport, and dosage of the milk diet into the feeder buckets.


We proudly install H&L Calf Feeding Systems.