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Dairy farmers produce one of the most important staple foodstuffs in the world - Milk. The quality and wholesomeness of milk and the products derived from milk are directly linked to the quality of the udder and to environmental hygiene. Good hygiene practices improve the quality and the value of the product and fundamentally determine the success or failure of a dairy farm.

Ecolab's comprehensive Udder Care programme is complimented with Hoof Care, Milking Equipment Cleaning and Bio-Security programmes that help protect the animal's health and wellbeing. These programmes help dairy farmers to:

  • Positively impact milk yield, quality and price
  • Improve farm profits
  • Decrease the infection pressure on milking herds
  • Maintain a high standard of animal welfare

Milking and Farm Equipment Cleaning

Good, consistent milk quality depends on the quality of the daily cleaning and sanitation processes. Also, farm equipment such as feed systems and lines, tanks and vehicles are vectors of disease transmission carried into and spread inside the farm. They are usually difficult to clean and require expert solutions.

Ecolab offers a wide range of high-quality equipment cleaners and disinfectants that address the many different needs of equipment hygiene all across the globe. Our product portfolio includes liquid and solid products as well as innovative solutions that reduce water and energy needs and eliminate the use of Phosphates and Nitrates.